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Built on the new “CloakNT” graphics and game development engine, Chaser promises exciting new breakthroughs in gaming experience and graphics. The game, developed by Cauldron Limited, is based on the adventures of a security agent in a futuristic and hostile Mars colony. In the year 2086, poverty and corruption on Earth has driven desperate people to colonies on the surface of Mars. Chaser is an agent of a security firm who has lost most of his memory after a botched covert operation. He has no idea why the military goons want to eliminate him, how he got blacklisted by the gangs, or why people around him are dying. Chaser only knows that he’s in big trouble, and he’s got to find answers… yesterday.



MHz, Pentium® III or comparable; Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP; 1.35 GB of free hard disk space; 128 MB RAM; DirectX 8.1 compatible sound- and 3D graphic card (32 MB)



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Multi Player Map Rotation added Changed/added commands for dedicated server:
AddMap "Mapname.cew" - adds a map to the map rotation list which will be played
Set "NumGames" x - The number of times to play a map after which to load the next map in the list of maps Added text [TEAM] and [ALL] in front of Multi Player messages Added the Multi Player and Dedicated Server command: "ping_check" - This command defines the maximum ping for players to be able to play. If a player has a higher ping than the specified ping_check value he will be automatically kicked out of the game. Corrected the problem with crashing of the dedicated server on some maps (Forest Camp, Old


Harbor) Corrected the wrong behavior of the server when player had name "exit" Corrected the sound problem of not playing the steps of players on fast networks Corrected the possibility to play different version of maps Corrected the possibility to cheat with own predefined materials Added the possibility to kick player by number (Use command kick_list to display list of players with numbers for each name) Added the Multi Player console command:

"voice_messages" on/off - Option to turn voice messages from other players on or off Corrected problems with Japanese subtitles

John Chaser awakens onboard the SS Majestic with no memory of who he is or why an army of killers is after him. All he knows is that he doesn't want to get caught. Until he learns the truth, everyone is his enemy!
- For one or more players using LAN or Internet connection
- Futuristic action shooter with an air of mystery
- Find out who you are and why you're hunted
- Highly developed AI
- Multiple gameplay modes


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