Codename: NINA Global Terrorism Strike Force

بازی نیروهای ضد تروریسمCodename: Nina - Global Terrorism Strike Force یک سی دی

Enter the World of Specialized Warfare with Guns Blazing and Enemies Primed for Battle. You are NINA, a highly trained army of one. Infiltrate international hot spots to eliminate the deadly terrorist threat and accomplish your covert mission. NEVER SEND A MAN TO DO A WOMAN'S JOB. MISSION: ELIMINATE Infiltrate and battle through an enemy bunker littered with heavily armed soldiers


Windows® 98/Me/XP ; • Pentium® III 600 MHz; or 100% compatible; • 64 MB RAM, DirectX® 8.1; (included on CD); • 32 MB 3D accelerator compatible ; with DirectX 8.1; • 12x CD-ROM drive; • Keyboard; • Mouse;

Polish developer CITY Interactive, formerly known as Lemon Interactive, puts players in the role of secret agent Nina, a counter-terrorism expert with extrasensory psychic ability, who travels the world infiltrating, eliminating, dominating, and assassinating nasty global threats. This one-woman army, an unequalled tour de force in the world of global policing, works through nine missions in places like South America, the Ukraine, and the Middle East, visiting diverse locales such as a Taliban village in Afghanistan and ancient temples and ruins in a tropical forest.

Codename: Nina -- Global Terrorism Strike Force, released as Nina: Agent Chronicles in Europe, is powered by the Lithtech Talon game engine. The appearance of Nina, the Lara Croft/James Bond-like heroine, is patterned after the striking features of top Polish model Izabela Czarnecka. Not only does Nina dispatch global terrorists during her missions, she also extracts counter intelligence from them with her paranormal abilities. ~ Michael L. House, All Game Guide

Company 1: Lemon Interactive

Executive Producer: Marek Tymiñski

Project Manager: Pawel Jagóra

Management Support: Marcin Andrzejczak

Company 2: Detalion

Game Design: Maciej Mi¥sik, Roland Pantola, Danuta Sienkowska

Programming: Tomasz Wooniak, Michal Myœliwiec

Models and Animation: Lukasz Pisarek, Robert O¯óg, Miroslaw Warchol, Marcin Wisz

Level Design: Roland Pantola, Danuta Sienkowska

Sound Design: Maciej Mi¥sik

Music: Daniel Kleczyñski

Technical Support: Robert Czemarnik

Story Ideas: Konrad T. Lewandowski

Comic Strip: Robert Hoch-Adler, Tobiasz Pi¥tkowski

Nina's Face Patterned After: Izabela Czarnecka

Voice Casting and Recording: N.S.G. ~ Michael L. House, All Game Guide


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