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بازی-Atrox-یک سی دی

The story of the game involves a Doctor who invented two cells call the Black and White angels (good and bad). Black Angel created Createse-specially made human cyborgs, White angel created Inteliom and Hominians are the last humans on earth. All fight for their own land called the ‘Atrox War'.


Atrox can be played with up to eight players to play with or against each other and you have a wide choice of areas to fight in. Atrox can be played on Windows 95, 98,Me, 2000 and even XP.

Features Include:

Multi-play support up to 8 players

Use of Battle formation

Human technological interface

Game Play recording

Character level up system

Game Description

In 2334 AD, a descendent of Albert Einstein attempted to separate the good and evil present in humans into two different types of cells - the Black and White angels. The Black angels gave rise to special human cyborgs called CREATESE, while the White angels gave rise to the INTELION. Now the CREATESE, INTELION and the last Humans (HOMINIAN) on earth have to fight it out for their own land in the Real Time Strategy Simulation Game, ATROX.

Choose your race INTELION, CREATESE or HOMINIAN and battle to save the earth and your race in Single, Custom or Multi-Player in Melee, Fusion, Survival or Fusion Survival Mode.


Multi-play support for up to 8 players through IPX or TCP/IP.
Use of battle formations.
Human technological interface.
Game-Play recording.
Character level-up system.
Game play support on PC minimum requirements.

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