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بازی استراتژیکی سرزمین هیچکس No Man?s Land دو سی دی 


No Man's Land takes place in North America from the 1600s to the 1900s. 





 There are six factions in the game, including Native Americans, Europeans, and American settlers. There are three campaigns in the single-player mode, but they don't follow any kind of chronological order. Instead, the campaigns show how various factions were related to one another. The first campaign follows a Spanish man as he investigates a sudden drop in gold production in the New World. You'll end up in the Caribbean fighting some familiar foes of Spain during the time period. Next, you'll play as the Iroquois Indians, who are fighting for survival in their woodland homes during the founding of the American colonies. When you finish this set of missions, a character explains that other Indians are having problems with the "pale faces.

Colonize America in three campaigns set between 1600 and 1900. You will experience the historical developments of these epochs from the view-points of 6 different nations: the English, the settlers, American patriots, the Spanish and forest and prairie Indians. Each nation has its individual strengths and upgrades.

Explore the wooded regions of the New World, create colonies, extract resources, form settlements and finally build a railroad all the way to the Pacific. Load your musket and stand up as a brave patriot to fight for your independence against the powerful English. You should also keep an eye on your units morale and experience values. The latter increases with every hit your units make.







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