بازی Tiger Chess یک سی دی 


Late December is a good time to reflect on what one has done and look ahead to opportunities new. For me 2008 has been a good year in which I continued to recover from some personal difficulties via a new interest (zhan zhuang), some good friends and my wonderful son. I also rediscovered my love of music and have some Albinoni playing as I write this.

From a chess perspective I recovered from a lack of practice to win a number of weekend tournaments and finish equal 3rd in the British Championship. My book on the Modern Defence has been well received and I was quite prolific in the presentation of s for

What about 2009? I’ll still be teaching, writing about and playing chess but want to dedicate myself to another battlefield, financial markets. I was doing this semi-professionally from 2003 to 2007, but without ever being comfortable with the risks inherent in the methodology I was using. That’s now changing as I’ve been working on some new ways of doing things.

I must admit that I’d love to be a wealthy nonentity having had the opposite during my chess career. Many people may find the idea of being well known in a particular sphere to be quite appealing, and indeed this can be necessary if you want to make a living at it. But there’s a major negative side in that it can attract the attention of some insecure and disturbed people, and whether they’re nice or nasty it’s the wrong place to be.

OK, I confess. I’m a voracious and somewhat indiscriminate consumer of information. In the past week or so I’ve devoured several books on trading and repeatedy watched a whilst doing Zhan Zhuang plus 30 minutes on the exercise bike in the mornings. I’m like a thing possessed.

I’ve noticed this trait in other strong practitioners - they’re uncivilised and brutish in their pursuit of knowledge. Mikhail Tal once confessed to reading beginners chess books, most of his experience was gained via blitz and on the occasions he studied more formally he’d forget to eat. I can relate to that, during the buildup to my gaining the GM title I stashed myself away in a caravan in the middle of nowhere, studied chess and went for long walks in the countryside. In retrospect this was one of the most beautiful times of my life, I was becoming the best that I could be.






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