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بازی چشم دشمن I of The Enemy یک سی دی I of the Enemy تجربه منحصر به فرد یک بازی جنگی و علمی-تخیلی در محیطی خلاقانه و پیشرفته است . این بازی دارای داستانی پر از مکر و حیله است که در هر لحظه از آن باید منتظر حادثه غیر منتظره ای بود . نیروهای شما از نبردی به نبردی دیگر پیشرفت خواهند کرد. و سر انجام به گروهی کشنده و موثر تبدیل خواهند شد . پس از آنکه بازی را به طور انفرادی تجربه کردید و عملیاتهای آن را تا انتها به پایان بردید شاید دلتان بخواهد آن را به صورت گروهی نیز تجربه کنید . اما فراموش نکنید بازی کردن با کسی که از توانائیهای ویژه این بازی خبر ندارد لذتی برای شما نخواهد داشت  

A free sci-fi real-time strategy game with LAN multiplayer modeEnemy is a Real Time Strategy game that presents many different mission types, such as delaying convoys and other specific objectives. Playing with your units, who gain experience and ability over time, must be done in a tight team or you'll soon find yourself slaughtered by enemy forces. In addition LAN play is available allowing 8 players to play together and against each other in fantastic futuristic Sci-Fi battles. Really though, the first thing you'll notice when you play Enemy Technology's "I of the Enemy" or even got to their website is the absolutely amazing quality of the audio. The voice work in the game and music are wonderfully done. The first time I put this game in, I heard from the other side of the room: "is that one of your indie games?" The person, who has watched hundreds of indie games come through my computer in the last few years, was visibly shocked by what they were hearing, and with good reason. The sound in I of the Enemy is crystal clear and very professionally done. This comes out probably most forcefully with the main character of the game, Verkkal, who is voiced by Ian McNeice, famed for his role as Baron Harkonnen in Dune. With very strong voice acting on the game that rivals anything that you'll find in mainstream gaming, and often beats it, I of the Enemy was a strong contender for the Sound award. After you add the wonderful soundtracks to the mix, IOE moved just over the top of the nearly equally amazing Anito. 





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