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بازی نبرد تبهکاران Guilty Gear XX #Reload یک سی دی شرکت Sammy Studios اعلام کرد که بازی پرطرفدار Guilty Gear که هیجان زیادی را در بازی های کنسول ایجاد کرده بود، برای کامپیوتر روانه بازار خواهد کرد. این نسخه دارای پیشرفت زیادی است و از خط داستانی مشخصی پیروی خواهد کرد. علاوه بر این شخصیت جدیدی به نام Robo-Ky نیز به شخصیت های قبلی افزوده خواهد شد. این بازی به سبک حادثه ای است و محیط دو بعدی دارد.



Over the last few years, 2D fighters have dramatically fallen in popularity outside of Japan. This could is down to a number of reasons, the most obvious being that many mainstream gamers have been put off with the difficulty and depth that 2D fighters tend to offer, as well as the emergence of great looking 3D fighters with more accessible gameplay. Another cause is companies, such as Capcom, not producing any more Street Fighter sequels or any other companies producing new 2D fighting series as they feel that 3D games are the only way forward. Since the series' debut on the PSOne some 6+ years ago now, the 2D Guilty Gear games have gained quite a reputation in its homeland in Japan, and now it's finally earning the same respect worldwide as well. Guilty Gear X2 #Reload, then, is the latest addition to Sammy's 2D fighting game franchise. The easiest way to describe Guilty Gear is it's like a 2D Soul Calibur in the way that it is very attack-based and it's quite easy to get flashy results via button mashing. It features over 20 very different, and some highly bizarre, characters. From the start, it’s pretty clear that Guilty Gear X2 is a bizarre game on the whole. The cast of fighters includes your typical stock fighter characters such as the vengeful martial artist and huge 'slow but powerful' wrestler, but it also includes oddities like a lanky giant with a paper bag over his head, a guy who resembles the Grim Reaper and even someone who believes a Snooker cue makes for a good weapon. There's even a yo-yo wielding school girl which actually turns out to be a boy who was raised as a girl! Four main buttons for control of your fighter. Punch and Kick provide you with short, quick blows, while the Slash and Heavy Slash are your stronger, usually weapon based, attack. GGX2#R is very easy to just pick up and enjoy. If you've played a Street Fighter game, or any one of the many Street Fighter clones over the years, you'll instantly get to grips with what you are doing. The special combos are incredible and range from fairly simple to very advanced. The payoff is always rewarding both in damage and in insane visuals. The game is fast paced with characters that teleport, dash quickly from one side of the screen to the other, and pull off multiple hit mid air combos with hardly the time to breathe. If you've played the past Guilty Gear games then you need to be aware of some big new additions to the gameplay. 'Air Dashing' can now be performed with a double direction tap whilst jumping. This will send you dashing through the air at speed. Due to the deliberate slow walking of the characters, this plays a big part in movement and strategy. The new 'Dust Attack' is effectively an air-launcher. Connect with this and it'll send your opponent high up into the air, totally exposed for huge air combo opportunities The final major addition is the 'Burst Attacks'. If you find yourself trapped in a corner you can perform one of these 'Burst Attacks' which cause a bubble bursting effect around your fighter that will send your opponent to the other side of the screen. This need to be charged using a power bar that fills, but it fills very slowly so it usually can only be done one per match so use it wisely.






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