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The games industry in Yorkshire and Humber is a key area for growth and investment. In 2007 the region's trade association for the games sector, Game Republic, was fully integrated into Screen Yorkshire. This allows the games sector in the region to access Screen Yorkshire's strategic investment funds. Yorkshire and Humber is home to four of the world's top 100 best performing studios (Source: Develop 100, 2007) and 35 Yorkshire companies are involved with the global games industry. 

Game Republic promotes games companies based in Yorkshire and Humber through developing relationships with international publishers - we set up business visits to meet the developers here in Yorkshire. We also champion collaboration through hosting networking events and making business-to-business introductions. 

Screen Yorkshire has also funded and launched the UK's first games academy - the Game Republic Academy and sees this as a major development for the region in line with Skillset's National Skills Strategy. With an investment of £100k, this new project will bring together the best talent in industry and academia. In its first year the academy will offer   

bursaries and industrial placements to students on MSc courses. Universities from Bradford, York and Hull are all part of the Game Republic Academy.







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