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Abandoned at birth, an orphan for the first few years of his life. That's how it all began with Largo Winch. Based off the comic series of the same name that's sold in excess of 2.3 million copies, Largo Winch follows Largo Winch, a 26-year-old who, after his adopted father dies, inherits a fortune that surpasses anything seen before. After falling through the cracks of the corporate world Largo finds himself in a place with more evil and corruption than he ever suspected to find.

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Largo Winch is not your average guy. He's a billionaire at 26, CEO of a huge multinational corporation and caught up in a conspiracy that could bring his whole world crashing down. A missing scientist may have been working on illicit research on Largo's dime, but it doesn't stop there. Largo Winch: Empire Under Threat is an adventure game focused on exploration, puzzles and character interaction.

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Largo Winch

The principal character is Largo Winch whose birth name is Largo Winczlav. Other important characters include Nerio Winch (his adoptive father), senior Group W executives John D. Sullivan and Dwight E. Cochrane, and his friend Simon Ovronnaz.

Largo Winch

In the first two volumes of the series, L'héritier and Le Groupe W, Largo, a young and handsome orphan, is propelled to the head of a business empire, Group W, after his adoptive father Nerio is murdered, and goes through a lot of troubles to preserve his inheritance and avenge Nerio.

The following albums are more or less based on the same basic plot: someone is trying to harm Largo's company or to take control of it from him, and he has to fight that someone to ensure the survival of his holdings.

All the stories of the series are published in two volumes, the first one being the one putting Largo in an impossible situation, and the second one letting him get out of it. In addition, both volumes share the same background color on the cover.

The stories appear originally in French, and are translated various languages, including Dutch, English, German, Portuguese and Serbian.

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started as a series of novels by Jean Van Hamme in the late 1970's, but stopped due to a lack of success and the huge amount of work Van Hamme had in the meantime with his comic books (e.g. When Francq wanted to start a series with Van Hamme, he revived his old hero, and reworked the novels into the first albums of the comic series. Later, new stories followed.
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