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بازی اروپای جهانی2 Europa Universals II یک سی دی

Should the country refuse a disadvantageous peace, just save the game and then quit. Go to the saved game and right-click on the shield to choose the country you want peace with. Start the game and offer peace to the country you played before.


Are you frustrated you can?t click on every country? Go into single-player, and then back to main menu. Go into multiplayer and enter any name but the one that stands there. Then go back to main menu and click on single-player, choose one of your saved games.

If you dislike the music, just look in the DIR folder of the game and replace all the mp3 files with those of your own. Be sure to give them the same names for this to work.

You?ve probably noticed that you can?t change your name right from the start, and the standard monicker name is a bit off. Simply go into multiplayer mode and change your name accordingly. It will save for single-player games too. 

Cheat mode

Press [F12] during game play, enter one of the following codes at the console window and press [Enter]. Press [Ctrl] + [F12] to close the console window and activate the corresponding cheat function.

The Europa Universalis series is back with yet another extensive strategy game. Make your choice of the 250 nations that you can lead and start playing at any moment between 1453 and 1789. Europa Universalis III is unparalleled in its depth historical accuracy. The map is composed out of about 1,700 provinces and it is up to you to rule your nation till the dawn of the French and American Revolution. With such a wide range of choices, I can only imagine that any help that you can get to increase the rate at which you see what every nation has to offer is a heavenly gift. Well, prepare to receive your gift, ?cause hot juicy cheats are now available.






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