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بازی استراتژیکی قانون فرمان Law & Order II دو سی دی 




Law & Order: Double or Nothing is the follow-up 3D murder mystery game to last year's best selling Law & Order:

Dead on the Money. Partner with Detective Lennie Briscoe actual voice of Jerry Orbach to investigate the death of an esteemed scientist found shot in midtown Manhattan.Interview witnesses interrogate suspects gather evidence and order lab test as you unravel entangled love affairs financial misdeeds and secret identities. Arrest the murder suspect and test your prosecution powers as you build a case with Assistant D.A Serena Southerlyn voice of Elizabeth Rohm. It's up to you to bring a killer justice. 



It’s one week before the US Open Tennis Championship. Elena Kusarova, a highly ranked player from Ukraine is in the hunt. Unfortunately, as the game begins, we find her dead on the locker room floor. This game is truly massive in scope: about 30 unique locations to visit, and even more characters to interrogate. As you proceed, you’ll pick up zillions of clues – well, a whole lot, anyway. These clues are added to one of your inventories. Yes, you heard right, there are four inventories; namely: important people you’ve met, objects, relevant documents, and police and medical test results.






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