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بازی گروه شمشیر Delta Force : Team Sabre  یک سی دی

One of the largest multiplayer experiences on the PS2 with 32 players online 24 maps and 7 game types complete with stats and rankings

· Infiltrate and dominate the enemy-held jungles of Columbia and the deserts of Iran, insingle player or with your friends in the cooperative campaign

· Lay waste to your enemy with an arsenal of 28 devastating hi-tech weapons

· Two new weapons never before seen in the Black Hawk Down series - The MK-23 SOCOM and the L115A

· Developed with the direction of Special Forces soldiers

Delta Force - Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre features two new single player campaigns that take Delta Force deep into the jungles of Colombia in search of drug lords, then on to battle terrorist factions in and around Iran’s island oilfields. Team Sabre will also contain a number of new multiplayer features, including a variety of fully controllable vehicles that let players wage war on land, sea and from the air. Over 30 new multiplayer maps will also be included in the pack.

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If it were a movie, Delta Force - Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre would be a Jerry Bruckheimer production. Of course, the movie that Team Sabre is based on was a Bruckheimer production, but this expansion pack has more in common with Bruckheimer's wildly over-the-top Bad Boys II than

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with the grittily authentic Black Hawk Down. Team Sabre may not be realistic, but it's packed with explosions, wild gunfights, and quite a bit of fun--though it's also extremely frustrating at times, due to a limited save system coupled with some excruciatingly difficult gameplay.

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A technical explodes gloriously into flames after taking only a few shots from an M4 carbine.

Though it adds 11 new levels, Team Sabre adds only three new weapons and a few new vehicles. The box claims that you can even play as a member of Britain's elite SAS, but that's only for one mission. You can, however, play as an SAS operative in multiplayer. There are five new

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multiplayer environments in the expansion, most of them drawn from the single-player campaign. Online play is where Team Sabre breaks out of the frustrating scripted sequences of the campaign. It's not much different from the multiplayer in the original game, but like the original game's multiplayer, Team Sabre's multiplayer is fast, furious, and unforgiving, and it emphasizes the need to use proper team tactics. With human teammates, you really do get the sense of being a member of a highly coordinated fighting team, especially as you maneuver down narrow alleyways covering each other.

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The $20 expansion has some stability problems in a few missions, but it's otherwise quite stable, as is multiplayer play. Team Sabre will obviously appeal to Black Hawk Down fans looking for new multiplayer content, but if you were frustrated with the gameplay in the original, then you'll

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probably want to steer clear of Team Sabre. Then again, if you haven't played Black Hawk Down before (the expansion requires the original game to play) and you're looking for a fun run-and-gun

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experience, and you're willing to put up with some real frustration in some of the missions, you may want to give Team Sabre a try.



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