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بازی مرد عنکبوتی  Spider-Man 2  یک سی دی

The highly anticipated sequel to the Columbia Pictures hit film is about to get even bigger as it slings its web onto Xbox®.

Patrol the streets and skies of a living, breathing Manhattan, scaling buildings, slinging webs, fighting crime, and confronting villains, including Doc Ock. You can go wherever a spider can in the city that never sleeps. Take New York for a spin in Spider-Man® 2!

Based on the Spider-Man 2 movie: Experience an all-new story line and gaming

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Details for Spider-Man 2

The follow-up to the blockbuster Spider-Man movie brings with it a follow-up to the blockbuster game, Spider-Man: The Movie. The menacing Dr. Octopus has put NYC in crisis again, but the webslinger is older, wiser and more in command of his powers now. In keeping with the more in-contr
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 experience. Accurate depiction of Spider-Man: Spider-Man 2 is the only game that truly makes you feel like you are the ultimate web-slinging superhero. Realistic physics: Attach webs to all objects. Unique pendulum physics make swinging more fun. Now, swing at different heights, around corners, and more—just like Spider-Man does in the film! Locomotion system: Move Spider-Man

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more fluidly. New moves: Try out the new power jumps, run up walls, and even swing on flag poles. Attach webs to numerous objects, from helicopters to buildings. New web attacks: Disarm opponents, blind enemies, web multiple opponents, rodeo up to four enemies, and bring down the sledge hammer! Even lift opponents in the air and come at them in a vertical attack. New combat system: Choose specific attack modes against each villain. New "counter"

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system: Dodge opponent advances with unique moves when taking on each different villain. True freedom: Spider-Man 2 is the only free-roaming game that lets you scale the heights of the city from the streets to the rooftops. Heroic decisions: Random crimes allow you to save common New Yorkers while saving the world. It's the first superhero game that challenges you to interact with

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ordinary citizens and embark on missions designed to protect them. Even upgrade your abilities by successfully protecting pedestrians. Realistic New York City: The game environment features more than 30 key landmarks, including St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty. New villains: Fight Spider-Man's new enemies from the latest hit movie, including Mysterio, Black Cat, and Rhino. Strong voice over cast: From Alfred Molina and Tobey to Kirsten Dunst and Bruce Campbell, this game boasts a stellar cast of talent.

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Activision's Spider-Man 2 provides a wide-open recreation of Manhattan to explore by foot or by web. Climb to the top of the tallest building or hitch a ride underneath a helicopter and visit the Statue of Liberty. But dangers lurk along the city's streets. Its citizens are always in the need of a helping hand and its criminals are always on the hunt for their next score. But most importantly, Dr. Otto Octavius's experiment may change the city forever and create a new menace for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

This GameSpot game guide to Spider-Man 2 features:

General Strategies: This section offers general strategies for gathering hero points, combat, and web-slinging.

Citizens in Distress: Spider-Man is called upon often to aid citizens in distress. This section provides tips on completing the various citizens in distress scenarios so you can secure those hero points.

Upgrades: This section lists Spider-Man's available combat, locomotion, air tricks, and other upgrades found in the upgrade stores found throughout the city.

Walk-through: Look here for a complete walk-through of Spider-Man 2's storyline. You'll find tips on completing your to-do list and battling the game's tough bosses, including how to conquer Doc Ock!

Awards: A list of all awards and how to obtain them.

Cheat Code: If you are more interested in exploring the city and using all possible upgrades, check here for a cheat code that supplies you with a huge helping of hero points!

Explore a more open-ended New York City as you face off against criminals like Dr. Octopus, Electro and The Vulture Use your spider-sense to detect danger - stop the random street crimes Spider-Man will run across, for enhanced reputation and bonuses New web-swinging mechanics -- Move in all sorts of crazy directions and angles, then yank yourself along super-fast All-new combat system with more amazing combos -- spectacular, over-the-top moves for the ultimate fighting experience

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The follow-up to the blockbuster Spider-Man movie brings with it a follow-up to the blockbuster game, Spider-Man: The Movie. The menacing Dr. Octopus has put NYC in crisis again, but the webslinger is older, wiser and more in command of his powers now. In keeping with the more in-control Spider-Man, the game's controls have been beefed up considerably to allow never-before-seen moves and amazing agility in a fully-explorable 3D world that takes the popular "sandbox" concept of games like Tony Hawk's Underground and GTA and allows Spidey to take on missions and challExplore the world of Spider Man like never before Swing, climb and web-sling through interactive 3D environments while experiencing scenarios, settings and characters based on the hit film and others that are exclusive to the game; more Marvel villains Battle even more bosses from Spider-Man's legendary Rogue's Gallery of villains, including Mysterio, Rhino, Shocker and only on the PSP handheld Vulture; Amazing graphics and depth of gameplay Utilizing the graphical power of the PSP, Spider-Man 2 delivers amazing console-like 3D graphics and incredibly immersive gameplay never before seen in a handheld Spider-Man game; Enhanced combo system Along with Spider-Man's signature set of moves which include wall crawling, web yanking and capture webbing, Spider-Man 2 for the PSP handheld brings even more maneuvers and combos into the game such as the cocoon and heavy web ball.

enges all across the city as he and his spider-senses see best.



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