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Unreal Tournament 2003...the next generation in first person shooters has arrived. If you've ever played Unreal or Unreal Tournament, you'll know the quality of Unreal Engine-based games. With UT2003 the incredible game engine developed by Epic Games is combined with the innovative gameplay and fast-paced action designed by Digital Extremes. And for a touch of nostalgia, the whole kit and kaboodle is distributed by Atari. This is one game dripping with atmosphere and charged with adrenalin, and it deserves nothing less than a tweak guide from TweakTown to do it real justice!

The original Unreal Tournament released in 1999 was the game which introduced me to online gaming, and more importantly, to the joyous world of tweaking. In my quest to get UT to look and sound as good as possible on my humble rig and to help me get those extra frags online, I dug deep into the .ini files and in-game settings, not to mention the Windows registry and much more. I made many a blunder along the way, but I got there in the end.
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Luckily UT 2003 is a lot like the original UT in that the tweaking potential is there if you're willing to look. In an effort to minimize the time you spend mucking around with settings and maximize your gaming time, I've done the work for you. Aside from in-game and .ini tweaks, to round the guide out I've also included links to the No-CD patch, all the console commands, special moves and taunt keybinds.

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And so I present you with this guide. Follow it and your UT2003 experience shall be ever-so-sweet.Epic Games' and Digital Extremes' Unreal Tournament 2003 is the sequel to the best-selling 1999 game Unreal Tournament, and it features significant graphical enhancements and gorgeous, cleverly designed maps, thanks to the latest

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Unreal engine technology. It also boasts an improved array of weapons and items and the addition of adrenaline power-ups to aid competitors in the latest version of the Unreal Tournament first-person sport. So you're looking to dominate the competition in single-player ladder or multiplayer combat? This guide offers everything an Unreal Tournament 2003 competitor needs to survive the perils of battle and come out on top.

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This comprehensive Unreal Tournament 2003 GameSpot Game Guide includes the following sections:

• Weapons, Power-Ups, and Adrenaline. This section describes and outlines some tactics for Unreal Tournament 2003's weapons, power-ups, and adrenaline features.

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• Deathmatch Strategies and Maps: Tactics for deathmatch can be found in this section. Also, specific strategies for all deathmatch maps are included.

• Capture the Flag Strategies and Maps: This section provides strategies for capture the flag games, as well as descriptions of all the maps.

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• Bombing Run Strategies and Maps: You'll find strategies for Unreal Tournament 2003's new game mode here. Strategies for all bombing run maps are also included.

• Double Domination Strategies and Maps: This section offers tactics for double domination and complete descriptions of all the maps.

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• Cheat Codes: Use these cheat codes during single-player and instant action games.



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